Welcome to Cyprus federation of underwater scientific committee (full member of CMAS) the place you can learn in an academic discipline Scuba Diving and Specializations courses such as Underwater Marine Biology, Marine Sciences, Underwater Archeology, Scientific diving, in theory and field work. Typically, Cyprus   Coastline is marked by the crystal unpolluted sea with very high underwater visibility. It is a life time experience, especially when you enjoy the sea for days and weeks and months. In fact, the revealing truth is that it is much more exciting and very different from the life on a still land if you love sea, the blue sky and the sea-breeze. This combination offers the ideal place for intro dives and professional dives in southeast Mediterranean Sea. From the scientific diving point of view, the rugged coastline has claimed many ships over the centuries, where you can dive at spectacular world’s oldest and biggest shipwrecks like mazotos shipwreck, MS Zenobia in Larnaka region, Liberty shipwreck in Paralimni region, just to name a few among many others where scuba diving is a challenging issue for underwater sciences and marine affairs.   The coast of Cyprus is home to a wealth of interesting marine life  such as Stingrays, groupers, Scorpions, Amberjacks octopus and a great variety of seashells, Nonetheless, the abundance of Posidonia oceanica meadows its very important segment of the ecosystem as it can consider the major part  for marine  biodiversity in the Mediterranean sea. The history of the Mediterranean region is crucial to perception the origins and evolvement of many modern societies, and it’s considering to be a sea for research. The eastern Mediterranean is subdivided into two major basins. In oceanography, a Mediterranean sea is a mostly consider as a close sea that has limited exchange of deep water with outer oceans and where the water circulation is dominated by salinity 38 ppt and temperature up to 28 Degrees Celsius,  differences rather than winds.

 Latest studies in terms of seismic and microfossil have suggested that the seafloor never was completely dry. There is such a vast history to this body of water that is bordered by Asia, Europe and Africa where Cyprus is the link of these continents. 



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