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examination of Liberty Shipwreck 
by Cypriot diving instructors at paralimni area.


Mazotos shipwreck 
preliminary examination on marine biodiversity


Marine life at mazotos shipwreck in Cyprus.

             sea cucumber ,Holothuria tubulosa in Cyprus Mediterranean sea.


Cliona celata yellow sponge colony
in the east Mediterranean sea Cyprus.


Amberjack (mineri)
a group of amberjack,Seriola dumerili in  Cyprus.

A Coral Riff Giant Grouper
Epinephelous polyohekadion


Captain: Glafkos Kariolou  
Honorary president of EU Marine Affairs, during an  expedition, filming the  Kyrenia Liberty voyage in Cyprus



PhD,Dr. Stavros Kaniklides (Δρ. Σταύρος Κανικλίδης)
Ocean scientists. President Of Cyprus Underwater Scientific committee, monitoring marine life in Cyprus