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PDF Downloads: Here you can find some among the many standards that Cyprus Underwater Federation applied in accordance to CMAS regulations.

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PDF Marine Biology Standards

Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean environment, millions of organisms are in existence and are interconnected in different forms, Marine life is an immense resource?, providing food, medicine, and raw materials, for humankind. However, we as humans become too greedy in the sense of economic exploitation resulting to marine population decreasing dramatically. Marine conservation efforts started to maintain marine realm in existence. Therefore, the understanding of marine life and to preserve what is left is the challenge of the 21st centaury. this scientific discipline can be learn by dive in to Cyprus

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Scientific Diving Standards
Scientific diving can be defined as a program that it’s apply to educational and scientific way, exclusively as a necessary part of a scientific, research, or educational activity by employees (Universities, Colleges, Government institutions Regional research laboratories ;) The sole purpose for diving is to perform scientific research tasks. Usually are scientists or corporate with scientists to fulfill a specific task. It should be pointed that Scientific Diving is not a commercial diving; it’s based on an extensive knowledge and intensive training on all aspects of diving. 

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Oceanology (Marine Sciences) Standards
Oceanology or oceanography compound of the Greek words ωκεανός- λόγος meaning "ocean wordĽ also called marine science it encompasses disciplines of oceanology, marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology, and physical oceanography, in addition it’s related to atmospheric sciences, and anthropogenic impacts that alter our planet behavior, and inevitably all forms of life and structure. It is a multidimensional science that requires intensive efforts from the scientific community. this program  can be teach in Cyprus by professional  diving academic instructors.

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PDF Divers standards
 As CMAS Cyprus we are indeed proud of our educational and field work in the diving sector in Cyprus due to our high diving standards and to our diving responsible instructors, since 1979, its worth to mention, that versus other companies we act as a federation NGO, and we have no serious accidents or deaths during any dive since our formation. That means a lot not only to C.F.U.A Bud to the potential diver that is coming to Cyprus for diving or upgraded his/her diving abilities.

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PDF Nitrox Extended Standards
Enriched Air Nitrox, Nitrox with oxygen concentration more than 21%, is primarily used in scuba diving to decrease the ratio of nitrogen in the respiration gas mixture. Lessening the proportion of nitrogen by increasing the proportion of oxygen reduces the danger of decompression sickness, permitting extended dive times without increasing the need for decompression stops. Nitrox is not a safer gas than compressed air in all respects; although its use decreases the risk of decompression sickness, it raises the risk of oxygen toxicity. Nonetheless, Technical divers desire advanced training, comprehensive experience, and specialized equipment and often inhale breathing gases other than air or standard nitrox. The idea and term 'technical diving' are both relatively current forms, in spite of the fact that divers have been engaging in what is now frequently referred to as technical diving for decades. The Cyprus National Federation can offer the very best training concerning Nitrox using the most advance facilities and field training to dive in Cyprus.

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PDF Diving Instructors Standards
Cyprus SCUBA Diving instructors must pass all the theoretical and practical examinations, to gain enormous amount of knowledge and experience, in the open water, as per the rules of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS). The Cypriot Diving instructors have been passed under the most stressful and real time episodes, and response precisely according to protocol for diving emergency events. We dare to say that we do have the most experience scuba diving instructors globally. To obtain the instructors diploma is not an easy task (you may need more than two years) of intensive training, and you should pass all written and field examinations, in addition you must overtake all theory in front of the Cyprus technical diving committee by answering all questions in a formal manner. If you don't love and respect the sea no amount of knowledge will help. Potential candidates’ must have a strong motivation in scuba diving to succeed. For further information, please download the diving instructor’s standards.

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PDF Cyprus Government press and information office
Underwater archeology survey of the shipwreck at mazotos.
CMAS Cyprus underwater federation (scientific committee)